It's A Winner!

I think conventional “self help” books can become repetitive, and tired. To me Charlie’s story was shared in a way that was relatable. He tells about the horrible moments he went through as he was very sick and batteling a debilitating disease. He doesn’t preach about how his powerful thinking or miraculous nature of faith saved him. Instead he shares how he felt, how his relationships with people changed and how it was to come away from that a different person.

He does share a bit on how faith was apart of that healing. He also reminds us that every day there are small miracles that feed into the bigger ones. Instead of preaching at the reader, he shares what brought him peace, and his views on all of the things he lived with in his life to that point. It was rather poignet and well received. Its nice to read a book in this genre that keeps it real and logical in many ways.   - SHANI K.

I'm reminded of a cat with 9 lives, as Mr. Gardner survives a bad car accident, pneumonia with sepsis and alcoholism all of which could have been the end. This memoir teaches the reader about the importance of being present. We all need to truly enjoy the small moments in life and believe that miracle do happen everyday. It was an easy quick read that helped me refocus on what's important. I recommend this memoir to anyone, we could all use a reminder about life's ability to change in the blink of an eye.


This book is one more example of the miracles, both big and small, that happen every day. As I read I tried to put myself in Charlie’s place as well as his friends and loved ones, wondering how I would react in a similar circumstance. It is so great that he had such a wonderful group of people to support him through all of his trials and tribulations. Reading this opened my eyes a bit and has made me just a bit more thankful for the lovely life I have and enjoy to all of the little moments, because as we all know, it can be taken away in a flash. This was a bit of an emotional read for me, but I came away being grateful to have been able to share in Charlie’s experiences...   - JP

Always Remember This Moment is a piercingly honest and sincere view of a man struggling with alcoholism and addiction throughout his life and just a small glimpse at what has helped him along the way. At first glance, this book appears to be one of many autobiographical tales of a man overcoming adversity and changing his life around. Gardner even mentions this assumption in the foreword however what it truly represents is the power of believing in a power greater than ourselves to pull us out of our darkest moments and back on the track to living a full life. The author does a great job of illustrating that this is not meant to be taken as a religious text. It is merely one man's spiritual journey that is not done yet but allows the reader to share a moment where things are worth treasuring....   -DOTRAZN